Meet Tiina!

Find out how she became the love mystic, why she does what she does and how she can help you get to your happily ever after without the hell, hurt, and heartache. Plus a few weird and wonderful fun facts about her below.

The Love Mystic Origin Story…

Tiina was a former ballerina turned make-up artist, who was innocently “looking for love” in her 20’s but ended up with PTSD and the equivalent of a degree in psychology for narcissistic personality disorder after confusing 3 soul crushing life lessons for a soulmate in a row. Watch the video below to hear her little story about The Bull, The Coyote and The Rat…

After traditional psychology failed to break what felt more like a curse, she began studying healing, dating and the workings of the subconscious mind so she could break it herself.

During her 15 + year career as a make-up artist she touched up many a teary eye and consoled all too many broken-hearted women as they poured their hearts out to her about their unfulfilling love lives.

Now her mission is simple; to be a guide out of karmic relationships and a lighthouse toward true love.

Known as “the love mystic”, Tiina is a Trauma-Informed Attachment Coach & Self-Love Mentor. A clairvoyant empath who combines her natural abilities with hypnosis, attachment theory and working with the nervous system to advise, empower, and heal. A mantra she lives by: You heal the world by healing yourself. She’s here to raise the love frequency of the planet and has been specifically healing hearts and transforming love lives since 2015.

Tiina lives in Toronto with her kitty Willow-Belle Pumpkin-Patch. She's a foodie and has a serious passion for languages and old American muscle cars. When she's not working with clients, she’s singing and dancing to the beat of her own heart while on a never ending quest for uncensored truth, unbridled joy and unapologetic self-mastery while spreading love like it's confetti everywhere she goes.

Why I do What I do…

Watch my short but sweet video to hear a little bit more about my story and how I can help you accelerate your path to true love.

5 Fun Facts about Tiina:

  1. I say I have two i’s in my name because I “see more.”

  2. I’ve healed from 2 herniated discs without surgery in 3 months after struggling with them for 6 years.

  3. My brother, father and I once drove 9000 KM in 11 days from Toronto to Phoenix then to San Francisco and back to Phoenix.

  4. I do something called psychometry. It means I can read metal and tell you accurate personal details about it’s wearer by holding it in my hand.

  5. This one time I somehow managed to go from Switzerland to Paris and back by train without my passport. Long story! LOL

Ready for your last first kiss?

Let’s get you a serious burst of clarity, confidence, and courage on your path to love. Hop on a free call with me to find out how I can help you get to the soul that’s ready to dance you to the end of time. Clickety click buttercup!

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