It’s time you live the love story you always imagined.

Let’s get you to your happily ever after without the hell, hurt and heartache - shall we?

Babe let’s get something straight, you’re rare AF and your love story deserves to be too.

You’re worthy of being fully seen, heard, and adored by your true match.

Looking for love isn’t supposed to feel like you’re going up Mt. Everest without a guide, in a blizzard.

I promise there’s a far more enjoyable way to the love that’s truly meant for you!

Ever After: Your New Path to Love

Let’s breath some magic back onto your path towards true love.

I pinky promise the magic is real.

Hey Sweet Soul!

I’m Tiina Susanna Farin, Trauma-Informed Psycho-Spiritual Love Coach and Self-Love Mentor for empathic women over 30 ready to break the cycle of heartbreak and disappointment in love so they can finally live their true love story and experience the deep connection, devotion, and partnership they crave.

Work With Me

Buckle-up buttercup, Ever After: Your New Love Story ain’t no ordinary guide.

It’s a feast for your eyes and soul, made with love and infused with no small amount of magic.

Guaranteed to deliver insight bombs, trigger energetic shifts and be a catalyst to putting the romance, wonder and whimsy back into your search for love. I pinky promise, the magic is real.

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